Resource: From Paper Maps to the Web: A DIY Digital Maps Primer

From the tutorial:

I was invited to the National Library of Colombia’s 2nd Digital Book Week as a speaker and to give a workshop on digital mapping tools. I thought it would be useful to share that workshop since it encompasses a lot of different processes and tools that make digital cartography today very accessible. It is a primer on working with various free web mapping tools so you can make your own awesome maps.


You will make this. This tutorial assumes you have a digitized map and some data you want to overlay on it. The general steps covered are:

  1. geo-referencing the scanned map so that web tiles can be generated
  2. generating GeoJSON data to be overlaid
  3. creating a custom base map (to serve as reference/present day)
  4. integrating all assets in an interactive web page

Note: This tutorial assumes you are using Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome. You will be playing with the developer console and I don’t have multi-browser instructions.

Source: From Paper Maps to the Web: A DIY Digital Maps Primer