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Editors’ Choice: 2014 Getty Trust Report–Digital Humanities

Last year we celebrated the Getty Trust’s accomplishments during its first thirty remarkable years, and again asked ourselves the difficult question: what should the Getty seek to accomplish in the long term, given our legacy of achievements, our unparalleled skills, and our unique resources? We again sought to establish meaningfully high strategic goals for all trust endeavors, and to allocate the appropriate resources to achieve them.

One such goal is leadership in the digital humanities as it transforms the visual arts. Just as the digital revolution changed our daily lives, we see digital technology revolutionizing art-historical research and scholarship, and indeed the entire museum visitorship experience. To refine our efforts in this area, Getty staff is presenting regular detailed reports to the Board of Trustees regarding the work the Getty is doing in all areas of the digital realm.

With the digital revolution as a focal point, you will note that this Trust Report has taken a new direction. To provide readers with a glimpse into the Getty’s work, you will find essays by two leading scholars in the digital humanities, followed by reports from each of the Getty’s programs—Conservation Institute, Foundation, Research Institute, and Museum—describing the Getty’s activities in the rapidly changing digital-arts world.

Source: Editors’ Choice: 2014 Trust Report–Digital Humanities

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