Editors’ Choice: Writing Up Text Analysis for Immediate Interaction and Long-Term Persistence.

Though more and more outside groups are starting to adopt Bookworm for their own projects, I haven’t yet written quite as much as I’d like about how it should work. This blog is attempt to rectify that, and begin to explain how a combination of blogging software, interactive textual visualizations, and a exploratory data analysis API for bag-of-words models can make it possible to quickly and usefully share texts through a Bookworm installation.

But this is a difficult task. So much so that I have to completely change my blogging stack to do it. So for a first post on this site, I want to introduce some elements of the API and talk about why I think a platform like this is valuable for exploring a large collection of texts visually and quantitatively. Maybe someone will be persuaded to do it themselves.

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