Resource: A Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights | Center for Digital Humanities – UCLA

From the announcement:

UCLA’s Digital Humanities program emphasizes cross-disciplinary, cross-hierarchy collaboration among students, faculty, and staff. We’ve created this Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights as a statement of our values and principles in the UCLA DH program.

Collaborations between students and more experienced digital humanities practitioners should benefit everyone. At their best, these partnerships are a way for students to learn new skills and benefit from mentorship, while more seasoned scholars can learn from junior scholars’ ideas, skills, subject knowledge, and perspectives.

It’s important, though, to recognize that students and more senior scholars don’t operate from positions of equal power in the academic hierarchy. In particular, students’ DH mentors may be the same people who give them grades, recommend them for jobs, and hold other kinds of power over their futures. Students may not feel entirely comfortable raising objections to certain practices if they feel these objections could endanger their academic or career prospects. Thus, we think it’s important to outline some best practices for collaborations with students on digital humanities projects, so that everyone involved feels they gain from the partnership.

A Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights | Center for Digital Humanities – UCLA.