CFParticipation: Digital Technologies and the Herculaneum Papyri

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Digital Classicist London & Institute of Classical Studies Seminar 2015

Friday August 15 at 16:30 in room G21A, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

Sarah Hendriks (CISPE: Centro Internazionale Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi, Naples): ‘Digital technologies and the Herculaneum Papyri’

The technology available today could not even be dreamed of over 250 years ago when the Herculaneum Papyri were first discovered. Although technological developments have always been crucial for accessing the papyri, the dawn of the digital age and the subsequent innovations in technological resources have seen a dramatic increase in our ability to read these long-buried texts. Drawing on examples from PHerc. 78, the so-called Caecilius Statius, this paper will outline the history of technology and the Herculaneum papyri, and how changing resources have, and continue to enable, new discoveries among this unique collection.

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