Job: Assistant Professor: Digital Research Methods at Erasmus University

From the posting:

The successful candidate is expected to:


  • Carry out internationally oriented, empirical research that is publishable in established international refereed journals;
  • Contribute actively to the development of the Department’s research in the field of media and communication;
  • Expand the Department’s national and international research connections;
  • Contribute to the acquisition of external research funding from national and international funding agencies and other organizations;
  • Participate actively in the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC), and in a national Dutch KNAW recognized research school in the field of media and communication, as well as in relevant international scientific associations and networks.


  • Perform teaching and supervising tasks for the International Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Media (IBCoM) and the international Master’s programmes in Media Studies;
  • Make a substantial contribution to the development of both bachelor and master level courses in the field of digital research methods in media and communication.
  • Teach one or more of the core courses in quantitative or qualitative research methods and one or more research workshops at the graduate and undergraduate level;
  • Contribute to the expansion of relevant international exchange and internship opportunities for media and communication students at the undergraduate and graduate level;


  • Contribute to the management tasks of the Department;
  • Take an active part in relevant national and international academic networks and organizations;
  • Develop and maintain close contacts with relevant organizations and professionals in the field of media and communication.

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