A screen shot of the game.

Editors’ Choice: Let’s Play Far Cry Primal Episodes 1 & 2, An “Archaeological” Exploration

Far Cry Primal has succeeded in generating a significant buzz in the archaeological community, owing mainly to the fact that it may be one of the first Triple A titles by a major developer set entirely in deep human prehistory. It is set in the year 10,000 BCE in the fictional post-Pleistocene landscape of Oros, and you step into the mammoth-leather footwear of Takkar as he tries to reunite his scattered tribe. While much older games such as UnReal World (which I have blogged about before here) permit players to immerse themselves in a prehistoric setting, this particular gaming niche has never before been addressed on such a scale. As Far Cry Primal is to date the best-selling game in its series, and will in many cases (especially for younger gamers) likely be among their first “hands-on” experiences with a representation of prehistory, I think it is hugely important that archaeologists engage with it and similar media in a direct manner.

Access Episode 1 here.

Access Episode 2 here.