Editors’ Choice: Charlotte: An Educational Horror Game

Charlotte is a first person, horror, exploration game based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Charlotte is a first person video game that allows players to explore the world of the 19th century short story, The Yellow Wall-paper and its author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Players assemble their own narratives from primary materials and sources about the role of women, relationships and identity in the 19th century. The fictional narrative from The Yellow Wall-paper is used as an overarching experience to guide players through the different rooms that make up Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s life circa 1870-1890. Charlotte is an experiment in embedding rich humanities content in an exploration game to engage general audiences.  I am fascinated by material culture and the past and my games are attempts to bring my understanding of history and heritage to the public. Through studying and building games about humanities topics, I’ve begun to develop a technique to help address this issue.

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