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I’ve been working and writing a lot lately about using the web annotation tool for public scholarship. It has a lot of cool uses ― not only the collaborative annotation of individual web pages, but also the creation of a public research notebook, and the possibility of linking with other apps through the use of their open API.

Based on that work, I’ve created a few tools to help people make fuller use of in their work as public scholars. The first is a Python script that collects annotations (by user, by tag, or both) and converts them to clean MarkDown text, for use in a blog. The second is Pypothesis, a Python module for writing programs that interact with the API.

More recently, I’ve created a WordPress plugin called Aggregator, which will allow WordPress users ― bloggers, teachers, and students alike ― to collect their own annotations, annotations on a topic of interest, or annotations from/about a class, and present them in a page or post on the WordPress platform. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and (I hope) will be of value to students, scholars, teachers, and writers.

Source: Aggregator ― A WordPress Plugin