Resource: Going Digital With Annual Review, Tenure & Promotion Materials

From the post:

The ubiquitous tenure binder, serving as documentation of one’s academic endeavors, is gradually being replaced by digital processes that involve significantly fewer hours spent on printing and copying. If your university has recently switched over to a digital system, or if you’ve just started at an institution with a digital materials submissions process, you’re probably in a position where you’ve got a lot of papers and files sitting around in need of scanning and organizing. This was my position a few weeks ago, as I had a traditional binder for our annual review process (two years worth of printouts, letters, etc) and instructions from the administration regarding our new digital submission process. Annual review processes (which are usually warm-ups for tenure and /or promotion, for those fortunate enough to be on tenure stream lines) are inherently stressful and time-consuming. Depending on how you’ve been preparing your materials throughout the year, a digital process can be a blessing or a curse. Here’s a few tips for preparing throughout the year.

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