Resource: Introducing the Bibliography on Stylometry

From the post:

The understanding of the term stylometry underlying the conceptual scope of the bibliography is relatively wide and covers any type of quantitative analysis of literary style. In practice, a large part of the entries are focused on stylometry understood as the theory and practice of authorship attribution with so-called non-traditional, quantitative methods. However, the bibliography endorses the idea of “stylometry beyond authorship” which means that any computational, preferably but not necessarily quantitative approaches to issues like author gender, literary genre or text type, time period or data of publication are also within the scope of the bibliography. Additionally, the bibliography also contains some forays into aspects not limited to literary texts, such as forensic linguistics or cognitive stylistics. Publications on statistics, machine learning, natural language processing or mainstream stylistics, literary theory and history are included only if they have a direct connection with an issue in stylometry as defined above.

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