Resource: Getting started with NoSQL for storing and retrieving data

From the resource:

As a data journalist, I have been working with increasingly large datasets as my confidence has grown in programming and creating visualizations. Through my learning process, I have realized the pitfalls of some programs.

Excel, for instance, is good for smaller datasets – which I’d define as under 10,000 rows or records. But if the dataset is larger than that, this trusty spreadsheet program can freeze up when trying to run queries. And if you have been making edits or designing queries, you run the risk of losing your work.

SQL is significantly more powerful and is a dominant database program used by back-end developers. But while SQL can process large datasets, if your dataset isn’t in perfect condition or has empty fields, you will have to spend time cleaning before importing your dataset. In recent years, NoSQL has become a viable – and attractive – alternative. This primer will explain why a NoSQL system might be right for your database needs.

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