Resource: Ranke.2 – Source Criticism in the Digital Age

About the resource:

The Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History C2DH is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Luxembourg. It serves as a national platform for debating topical issues in contemporary Luxembourgish history and for advancing the development and training of digital literacy among students and researchers at the University of Luxembourg. As a “trading zone” for historians and computer scientists, humanities scholars and data scientists, the C2DH aims to set new standards in the area of digital history. This involves a hands-on approach to digital tools and research infrastructures in the field of contemporary history and an openness to experimenting with new forms of historical storytelling and public engagement. The concept of “thinkering”, or playful experimentation with technologies and digital tools, provides a basis for the development of digital hermeneutics and for critical reflection on how digital technologies affect the way in which we think about, narrate and “do” history.

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