Resource: University Classrooms – Difficult to Escape or Tempting to Engage?

From the resource:

It’s unnerving that I have been teaching for 4+ years at a University level but was never taught how to teach. I certainly am competent enough to google “tips for effective lecturing”, and yet that never crossed my mind. Until now. It is with great wonderment and delight that I experience the world of pedagogical philosophy and principles for the first time. In this blog post, I’ll be experimenting with teaching frameworks for undergraduate course design in digital scholarship. I’ll predominantly cover the “getting started” floundering about, and then move onto the organizational tools and ideas that have gotten me out of that rut. Let’s begin!

When designing a course, the syllabus may seem like an intuitive place to begin. The syllabus provides a framework for the course, conveys expectations, and communicates what the students will learn. However, I quickly discovered that one must have a framework in mind before codifying it into a document. It seemed deceptively straightforward at first, I have taken 30+ university courses, surely from all that experience I can assemble and recreate the most effective ones? [*My own naivety is now endearingly laughable*].

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