CFP: Between DH and Me – DHQ Special Issue on Black Studies in/for the Rising Digital Humanities Generation

From the CFP:

The goal of this special issue is to set the tone for the field’s future by recognizing Black studies, politics, and scholars as part of the DH canon, not a “niche” pocket of the field. In order to achieve this goal, this issue will explore the state of Black studies in DH through the eyes and work of rising scholars to think through the ways in which Black politics and ideologies are embedded in methods, pedagogy, projects, and practices. Ideal proposals will use DH tools or methods to integrate or break down the ways in which Black politics are present or absent in DH projects and teaching. We seek to include all rising scholars who merge Black studies, the study of Blackness, or Black cultural production and DH. We particularly encourage rising Black DH scholars who recupretivately or restoratively study Black perspectives and materials.

Read the full CFP here.