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Editors’ Choice: Indigenous Language and Culture Visibility in the Digital Age – Examples from Zapotec Activism

Languages and cultures evolve as fast as the new technologies. However, while the wide digital space is a part of our daily lives as a way to interact with the world, there is still scarce representation of a minority population already using the new technologies, that is to say, the indigenous peoples. As a member of a Zapotec community that holds its own language, its own culture and traditions, its own land and laws; in seeking how to make my community visible as a living culture I have found digital media a useful source for such purpose, allowing me to contribute to the preservation of our traditions, strengthen the use of the Zapotec language, and overall actively engaging native speakers and creating a bridge between them and the digital space. Moderator: Marta Caminero-Santangelo, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

Watch the full keynote from DH Forum 2019 here.

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