Announcement: Archival Research in a Time of Social Distancing

From the announcement:

All over the world, archives and libraries are shutting their doors as covid-19 spreads. These closures mean that researchers can’t use the not-yet-digitized collections that exist in those places. Or does it?

As we’ve been teaching people about Tropy, one thing we’ve learned is that researchers nearly always want to be generous with their photographs. We get asked all the time if researchers can share their photos back to the archives from whence they came. But what if, instead of sharing them back to the archive, you could provide research materials to another research whose research trip has been cancelled or postponed?

In the newest release of Tropy (1.7), we’ve made it possible to export items—photos, metadata, and all—in a zip archive, which can then be shared with anyone. We’ve set up a special category on the forums where you can post about documents you were hoping to get, or documents that you have that you think someone might need.

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