Editors’ Choice: Visualizing North China Under Japanese Occupation

The North China Railway Archive (華北交通アーカイブ) is an online database of digitized stock photographs illustrating life under Japanese occupation in interwar North China. It contains more than 39,000 photographs taken in various parts of North China between 1939 and 1945 commissioned by the North China Transportation Company (J. Kahoku Kōtsū Kabushiki Gaisha 華北交通株式会社) for promotional purposes. Most of these photos showcase scenery along the North China Railway, which was subsidiary to the South Manchuria Railway and an important transportation infrastructure for the collaborationist Provisional Government of the Republic of China (1937-40), the Mongol Border Land/Mengjiang United Autonomous Government (1939-1945), and the Wang Jingwei Regime (1940-1945) under Japanese occupation.

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