Digital Humanities Now is an experimental, edited publication that highlights and distributes informally published digital humanities scholarship and resources from the open web. Since 2009, DHNow has been refining processes of aggregation, discovery, curation, and review to open and extend conversations about the digital humanities research and practice.

DHNow highlights scholarship—in whatever form—that drives the field of digital humanities field forward as Editors’ Choice.

Additional items of interest to the field—jobs, calls for papers, conference and funding announcements, reports, and recently-released resources—are redistributed as news.

DHNow is an experiment in contemporary scholarly communication practices and a critical case study for the PressForward project at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. Our goal is to encourage scholars to share their research and learned expertise on the open web. Specifically, we are developing methodologies and technologies to facilitate the aggregation and curation of gray literature—scholarly work including white papers, presentations, research reports, essays, and other genres of work that may not otherwise have a formal venue for publication. Our affiliated Journal of Digital Humanities provides a more formal and stable publication venue for work surfaced by DHNow with long-term value to the practices and history of the field.

How this works

DHNow aggregates potential content via RSS from our list of subscribed feeds, which includes hundreds of venues where high-quality digital humanities scholarship is likely to appear, such as the personal websites of scholars, institutional sites, blogs, and other feeds—and is open for anyone to join. We also seek to discover new material by monitoring Twitter and other social media for stories discussed by the community, and by continuously scanning the broader web through generalized and specialized search engines. Community Editors-at-Large also directly nominate content from their own networks.

You can read about previous iterations of our process here:

Submit your work

If you would like your blog or feed to be considered for publication in Digital Humanities Now, please read the Submit Your Work page.

To nominate a news item, former and current editors-at-large should use the Nominate This bookmarklet to nominate an item and its associated RSS feed. News items can also be submitted via email to dhnow @ pressforward.org.

Current Editorial Team

  • Stephanie Westcott, Managing Editor
  • Amanda Morton
  • Amanda Regan
  • Lisa M. Rhody, Editor
  • Benjamin Schneider
  • Joshua Catalano


  • Dan Cohen

Project Alumni

  • Lindsey Bestebreurtje
  • Sasha Hoffman
  • Joan Fragaszy Troyano
  • Jeri Wieringa
  • Jordan Bratt