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Report: A Framework for Aggregating Private and Public Web Archives

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About the report:

Personal and private Web archives are proliferating due to the increase in the tools to create them and the realization that Internet Archive and other public Web archives are unable to capture personalized (e.g., Facebook) and private (e.g., banking) Web pages. We introduce a framework to mitigate issues of aggregation in private, personal, and public Web archives without compromising potential sensitive information contained in private captures.

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Job: Project Manager, Colored Conventions Project

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From the ad:

The University of Delaware seeks a Project Manager for the Colored Conventions Project (CCP). The Project Manager will lead efforts to continue existing projects and partnerships and implement new national initiatives. Collaborating closely with the CCP Team and the University of Delaware Library’s technical team, the incumbent will also work on the development of a new WordPress site integrated with the Library’s UDSpace repository and an Omeka-S database. This is a three-year, grant-funded position, with time split between the Colored Conventions Project and the University of Delaware Library.

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Announcement: Canada’s Early Women Writers project launches two websites

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From the announcement:

The Canada’s Early Women Writers project is pleased to announce that their sister websites, Canada’s Early Women Writers and the Database of Canada’s Early Women Writers, are both fully populated and available online.

Canada’s Early Women Writers began in the pre-digital 1980s, with research using snail mail and typewriters; this now-static database is still available through the Simon Fraser University Library, but has been superseded by the updated CEWW housed within the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory.

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CFParticipation: The Seven More Lessons No One’s Yet Written (but need writing)

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From the CFParticipation:

The Programming Historian Needs YOU…to help historians digitally analyse!

We’ve now published more than 100 lessons in English and Spanish since we launched in 2012. The project is growing faster than we could ever have imagined. But there are still significant holes in our coverage that we’d like you to help us plug. While we always remain open to new lesson ideas on any topic related to your own work, we’d be particularly happy to hear from prospective authors interested in tackling some of the following:

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Resource: Understanding How Beautiful Soup Works

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From the resource:

Two years ago, when I first grabbed the transcripts of the TED talks, using wget, I relied upon the wisdom and generosity of Padraic C on StackOverflow to help me use Python’s BeautifulSoup library to get the data out of the downloaded HTML files that I wanted. Now that Katherine Kinnaird and I have decided to add talks published since then, and perhaps even go so far as to re-download the entire corpus so that everything is as much the same as possible, it was time for me to understand how BeautifulSoup (hereafter BS4) works for myself.

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Job: Digital Humanist, The Long 19th Amendment Project

From the ad:

The Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University seeks a Digital Humanist committed to promoting feminist scholarship within the digital humanities to create a portal documenting the complexities and aftermath of the women’s suffrage movement as part of The Long 19th Amendment Project. The Digital Humanist will report to the Manager for Special Projects & Digital Services and will collaborate closely with the project steering committee and Digital Services staff.

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Job: PostDoc Research Associate – Digital Humanities, UIC

From the ad:

We seek a creative and organized postdoctoral research associate whose research project and tech skills will mesh with the missions of the Language and Culture Learning Center: helping faculty find and integrate technology into foreign language, literature, and culture classes and supporting them in this process, and training foreign language peer tutors. We welcome applications from energetic and focused scholars whose past experience and planned research projects engage with teaching with technology and with peer tutoring in the fields of foreign language, literature, and culture.

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CFParticipation: ACH Job Slam at DH2018

From the CFParticipation:

The ACH [Association for Computers and the Humanities] will host a Jobs Slam on Thursday, June 28, 2018 during the ACH’s General Meeting from 12:30 – 2 PM. The exact location of the meeting is still to be determined. Please stay tuned to @achdotorg on Twitter and the DH2018 conference website for information on locations.

The Jobs Slam is a lively event and a chance for employers to get the word out about upcoming jobs as well as for prospective employees to introduce themselves to everyone present.

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Job: Digital Project Coordinator (Limited Term), Duke University

From the ad:

Duke University is seeking a full-time Digital Project Coordinator to join the Wired Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture for a limited term position July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.   The primary function of this position will be assisting a geographically-distributed cohort of Humanities and Social Science scholars — all participants in the 2017-2018 Summer Institute on “Objects, Places, and the Digital Humanities” at the National Humanities Center — in the development, design, and implementation of sustainable digital projects for research and presentation.

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Job: Academic Technology Specialist, Stanford University Libraries

From the ad:

The Stanford University Libraries’ Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CIDR) the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (DLCL) of Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences are seeking an innovative, experienced, team-oriented Academic Technology Specialist to help lead the integration of technology into teaching, learning, and research activities in the digital humanities at Stanford and beyond.  This person will consult and collaborate with members of the Stanford community, as well as analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing computational tools for humanities research and teaching.

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