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Resource: An Introduction to Unix

By the Editors | March 5, 2015

From the post: I took programming in high school, but I never took to it. This, I strongly believe, is because it wasn’t taught right—and teaching it right means starting at the beginning, with unix. The reason for this is three-fold: (1) it gives you a deeper sense of how a high-level computer works (which […]

Resource: DPLA Metadata Analysis: Part 1 – Basic stats on subjects

By the Editors | March 5, 2015

From the post: One a recent long flight (from Dubai back to Dallas) I spent some time working with the metadata dataset that the Digital Public Library of American’s (DPLA) provides on its site. I was interested in finding out the following pieces of information. What is the average number and standard deviation of subjects-per-record […]

Resouce: Adventures in Converting Subversion to Git

By the Editors | March 3, 2015

From the resource: While the Scholars’ Lab was founded in 2006, we manage a lot of projects that had their roots in the eText Center in the late 1990s. These projects have lived through the numerous “best practices” of the various eras, many still bearing the marks of those bygone eras (you see a lot of […]

Resource: How Do I Know If My Web Project Is Accessible?

By The Editors | February 24, 2015

From the post: How Do I Know If My Web Project Is Accessible? by Michael Beil I did a talk on accessibility this past Monday evening at Madison JavaScript, hosted at Widen Enterprises. The entire keynote is now over on Speaker Deck, so I thought that I would share it with you here. Here’s a list of […]

Resource: Getting Started with OpenRefine

By The Editors | February 19, 2015

Thomas Padilla has put together a tutorial on data preparation for the digital humanities using OpenRefine. It serves as a companion to the Data preparation for the Digital Humanities Workshop. Read the full post here.

Resource: The Medical Heritage Library

By The Editors | February 17, 2015

The aim of the UK Medical Heritage Library (UK-MHL) Project is to provide free access to a wealth of medical history and related books from UK research libraries. There are already over 50,000 books and journal issues in the Medical Heritage Library drawn from North American research libraries. The UK-MHL Project will expand this collection […]

Resource: An R Client for the Internet Archive API

By the Editors | February 12, 2015

From the resource: In support of some of my research projects, I created a simple R package to access the Internet Archive’s API. The package is intended to search for items, to retrieve their metadata in a usable form, and to download the files associated with the items. The package, called internetarchive, is available on […]

Resource: Access Monitor – WordPress Plugin to Monitor Accessibility

By The Editors | January 29, 2015

From the post: Here at ProfHacker, we’ve written several posts over the years about accessibility, about WordPress, and about WordPress and accessibility. For a variety of reasons, it’s important to make digital resources usable by the widest range of people you can, and ensuring accessibility is an key part of that process. (As many of […]

Resource: MoEML launches Experimental Map Interface (Beta)

By The Editors | January 27, 2015

From the announcement: MoEML is excited to announce the launch of a beta version of our new hi-resolution, zoomable experimental Agas map interface. We encourage you to play around with the map and send us feedback on both its function and design so we can improve it before launching it officially later this year. Some […]

Resource: Provoke!: Digital Sound Studies Collection

By The Editors | January 22, 2015

The Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) at Duke University announces the launch of Provoke!: Digital Sound Studies.  Provoke! is a web collection of digital projects focused on sound studies, digital humanities, and the audio arts. See the collection here: Provoke!: Digital Sound Studies