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Resource: Behold the MusicMap

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A Pandora for the adventurous antiquarian, the highly underrated site Radiooooo gives users streaming music from all over the world and every decade since 1900. While it offers an aural feast, its limited interface leaves much to be desired from an educational standpoint. On the other end of the audio-visual spectrum, clever diagrams like those we’ve featured here on electronic music, alternative, and hip hop show the detailed connections between all the major acts in these genres, but all they do so in silence. Now a new interactive infographic built by Belgian architect Kwinten Crauwels brings together an encyclopedic infographic with an exhaustive musical archive. Though it’s missing some of the features of the resources above, the Musicmap far surpasses anything of its kind online—“both a 23and me-style ancestral tree and a thorough disambiguation of just about every extant genre of music,” writes Fast Company.

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CFParticipation: Digital Writing as Mode of Thinking & #DigiWriMo

The connectivity of web-based networks and myriad digital applications have opened up vast new opportunities, formats, and audiences for writing. Blogs, texting, crowdsourced research, the hyperlink, and multimodal composition are now somewhat ubiquitous. Digital writing is not simply a matter of integrating new tools into an unchanged repertoire of writing processes. Rather, digital writing today is about the dramatic changes in the ecology of writing and communication — what it means to create, compose, and share. In short, digital writing is a mode of thinking. With this change in ecology in mind, my students and I have decided to join Digital Writing Month.

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