Resource: University of Victoria – Transgender Archives

University of Victoria – Transgender Archives

The University of Victoria has committed itself to the preservation of the history of pioneering activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of transgender people. The UVic Archives have been actively acquiring documents, rare publications, and memorabilia of persons and organizations associated with transgender activism since 2007. The collection began with the generous donation of the Rikki Swin Institute collection. It was enhanced by other significant donations including the personal papers of Reed Erickson and records of the Zenith Foundation, among others. Donations are being co-ordinated by Academic Director Dr. Aaron Devor and managed by University Archivist Lara Wilson. Further donations of materials would be greatly appreciated, as would contributions to support the enhancement of public access to the collection. For more information on supporting the Transgender Archives, see the Donate page.

The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria is accessible to the public, and available to faculty, students, and scholars for teaching and research. For more information on using the Archives, see the Contact Us page.