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Editors’ Choice: Data First Interventions

These are some remarks I made at the Web Archives conference at the University of Michigan, on November 12th, 2015. I didn’t have any slides other than this visual presentation.

To some extent I think the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities and similar centers, conferences and workshops like ThatCamp have been so successful at infusing humanities work with digital methods and tools that the D in DH isn’t as necessary as it once was. We’re doing humanities work that necessarily involves now pervasive computing technology and digitized or born digital collections. Students and faculty don’t need to be convinced that digital tools, methods and collections are important for their work. They are eager to engage with DH work, and to learn the tools and skills to do it. At least that’s been my observation in the last year. For the rest of my time I’d like to talk about how MITH does its work as a DH center, and how that intersects with material saved from the Web.

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