Editors’ Choice: PressForward 3.7

The PressForward team is excited to announce the release of PressForward 3.7, an update to our WordPress plugin that helps you collect, discuss, and share content from the web. In addition to numerous bug fixes, this update brings refinements to the Subscribed Feeds panel and new features to the feed submission and management process. This update refines the Subscribed Feeds panel by adding visual cues to represent alerted or pending feeds and helpful information such as a count of how many items have been retrieved from each feed. In the feed list colored backgrounds now indicate an alerted (red) or nominated (yellow) feed.  Additionally, a count of alerted feeds now appears in PressForward menu next to the Subscribed Feeds button making it easy to see how many feeds are alerted from anywhere in the WordPress dashboard. Lastly, this update brings a new level of user control to the feed retrieval process by adding the ability to manually refresh individual feeds from the Subscribed Feeds list.

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This content was selected for Digital Humanities Now by Editor-in-Chief Amanda Morton based on nominations by Editors-at-Large: Antonio Jimenez-Munoz, Shayda Schilleman, Alix Keener, Rebecca Napolitano, Maribel Hidalgo-Urbaneja, Covadonga Lamar, Russell Backman, John Matson, and Vanessa Stone