Creative Commons by chispita_666 via Flickr

Editors’ Choice: MCN2017 and the Museum <-> Museum Gap

As a first time attendee of MCN last week, I didn’t know entirely what to expect, other than all things digital plus museums. The program was really quite diverse, and ranged from relatively technical discussions (sometimes dry; sometimes hilarious) to more meta-professional sessions that really did function as a kind of group therapy. The latter sessions were clearly necessary for many attendees. Rachel Ropeik starkly describes how this year’s MCN teemed with stories of disillusionment, marked by a distressing number of people talking about leaving the field. This post is an attempt to set Ropeik’s trenchant observations next to some overarching questions from the pre-conference Digital Provenance Symposium hosted by the Carnegie Museum of Art, and how MCN and the musetech community are doing at actually building shared digital practices.

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