A comic cartoon with the following thought bubbles: An archivist saying "We can't help it that we only digitize white male authors! People of color didn't start writing until after the twentieth century!" Several other bubbles coming from a bookshelf say "The Mahabharata," "The Analects," "Phillis Wheatley's Poetry," and "The Straits Chinese Magazine."

Editors’ Choice: Decolonizing the Digital Humanities

This past week, I had the opportunity to give a talk as part of Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage’s new US Latina/o Digital Humanities (#usLdh) Incubator series. If you missed it, you can access our group notes on Google Drive or Storify. I’ve also started a Zotero Group with a growing bibliography related to US Latina/o Digital Humanities (which includes sources on DH, decolonial theory, postcolonial theory, and more). Feel free to join and contribute to the growing bibliography!

My talk and this blog post are not meant as an in-depth analysis of decolonizing DH, instead, my goal is to provide a brief overview of the relationship between coloniality and the archive as well as a discussion of decoloniality not just as a theory but also as a methodology. This is meant to serve as a springboard for further discussion on decolonial DH methodology.

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