Report: Digital Dissertations and the Changing Nature of Doctoral Work

From the report:

The 2019 AHA annual meeting featured a roundtable discussion on an emerging aspect of doctoral education in history: the digital dissertation. Jeri Wieringa (George Mason Univ.) and I co-organized this panel, which sought to bring together recent graduates and current doctoral students and their advisers for a candid discussion on digital dissertations. The panel consisted of the following participants, student and adviser, grouped by dissertation project: me and Suzanne E. Smith (George Mason Univ.); Wieringa and Sharon M. Leon (Michigan State Univ.); and Zoe LeBlanc (Vanderbilt Univ.) and Madeleine Casad (Vanderbilt Univ.). Thanks to the overlap of the AHA and MLA annual meetings in Chicago this year, we were able to ask Lisa Rhody (Graduate Center, CUNY) to be chair and moderator.

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