Report: DARIAH Connectivity day at Re:Trace Conference

From the report:

The 7th International Conference Re:Trace for the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology featured a DARIAH Connectivity Day on November 25, 2017 at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna. This event, which was funded by the DARIAH Theme 2017, featured discussions on media art as part of our Digital Cultural Heritage, the challenges of its preservation and the role of (digital) infrastructures.

The diverse challenges in documenting and preserving media art online and offline constitute one of the most important discourses within the various disciplines from art history, image sciences to information and computer studies. Due to its dynamic, ephemeral, complex and/or processual structure and conditionality founded in digital technologies as both its medium and subject, media art cannot be preserved like object-oriented art, but any method of documentation and preservation must acknowledge it as part of a dynamic memory culture.

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