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Editors’ Choice: a thousand little fires

Don’t despair, create! (Or despair, and create!)

Many of us are turning to creative outlets to keep the stresses of a global pandemic at bay. a thousand little fires is a space to share and see what we create while reconciling with self-isolation. One new creation each day.

If you’ve been knitting, making music, baking bread, writing poetry, building an elaborate aquarium, or otherwise creating anything that has brought you joy, send it over. Anonymous contributions welcome. Amateur contributions welcome. Unfinished contributions welcome. You are welcome.

Types of Contributions

  • Images. Artistic photographs, pictures of something you’ve created, artwork, etc. [png, jpg, or gif]
  • Text. Short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, recipes, etc. [plaintext, markdown, or shared google doc]
  • Videos. Performances, animations, etc. [link to video on YouTube or other embeddable video service]
  • Audio. Music, spoken word, etc. [link to audio on SoundCloud or other embeddable audio service]
  • Interactives. Javascript visualizations, etc. [GitHub pull request]
  • Anything else we can put on a webpage. Be creative.

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