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Editor’s Choice: Mapping search data from Google Trends in R

This is a quick introduction on how to get and visualize Google search data with both time and geographical components using the R packages gtrendsR, maps and ggplot2. In this example, we will look at search interest for named hurricanes that hit the U.S. mainland and then plot how often different states search for “guns.”

Source: Mapping search data from Google Trends in R

Resource: Getting Started with Data Visualization in R Using ggplot2

From the post:

Creating a customized graph that communicates your ideas effectively can be challenging. This tutorial will introduce you to the popular R package ggplot2, its underlying grammar of graphics, and show you how to create stylish and simple graphs quickly. We will also go over some basic principles of data visualization.

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Resource: USAboundaries v0.3.0 Released

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I’ve recently published version 0.3.0 of my USAboundaries R package to CRAN. USAboundaries provides access to spatial data for U.S. counties, states, cities, congressional districts, and zip codes. Of course you can easily get contemporary boundaries from lots of places, but this package lets you specify dates and get the locations for historical county and state boundaries as well as city locations.

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