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Editors’ Choice: Visualizing Early America through MapScholar and Beyond

By Jim Ambuske | September 30, 2014

Hello, DH World! As this is my first official post as a DH Grad Fellow in the Scholars’ Lab, I’d like to start it by thanking the folks in the Lab for the opportunity to join the team for this academic year. I feel really fortunate that I have the chance to hang out with […]

The Great Works of Software — The Message — Medium

Editors’ Choice: The Great Works of Software

By Paul Ford | September 23, 2014

Is it possible to propose a software canon? To enumerate great works of software that are deeply influential—that changed the nature of the code that followed? Canons emerge over time, as certain works gain in critical appreciation. But software is mutable stuff, quick to obsolesce. Only banks, governments, and your parents run the same programs […]

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Editors’ Choice: Open Government Data: Possibilities and Problems

By Craig Bellamy | September 23, 2014

“Government 2.0 involves direct citizen engagement in conversations about government services and public policy through open access to public sector information and new Internet based technologies. It also encapsulates a way of working that is underpinned by collaboration, openness and engagement”[1] Back ground and context The Political Issues Analysis System (PIAS) project (view report .pdf)—in […]

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Editors’ Choice: Here and There: Creating DH Community

By Miriam Posner | September 23, 2014

Thanks a million to the University of North Texas’s Spencer Keralis for inviting me to come speak at Digital Frontiers, a great conference in Northern Texas! I’m having an excellent time. Here’s the talk I gave today. Around springtime, when universities are making offers for jobs that start in the fall, I tend to get […]

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Editors’ Choice: Scaffolding, Hard and Soft: Infrastructures as Critical and Generative Structures

By Shannon Christine Mattern | September 18, 2014

Today in the Parsons “Design for This Century” lecture course — a class that’s required of all first-year Transdisciplinary Design, Design + Technology, and Design Studies students — I’ll be talking about infrastructure. This presentation will later become a chapter in Jentery Sayers’s The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities, forthcoming 2016….We’ll start off with […]


Editors’ Choice: Finding Jokes for The Victorian Meme Machine

By Bob Nicholson | September 16, 2014

In truth, we don’t know how many Victorian gags have been preserved in the British Library’s digital collections. Type the word ‘jokes’ into the British Newspaper Archive or the JISC Historical Texts collection and you’ll find a handful of them fairly quickly. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more […]

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Editors’ Choice: Which Kind of Papers Has Higher or Lower Altmetric Counts?

By Lutz Bornmann | September 16, 2014

In scientometrics, altmetrics are seen as an interesting possibility for measuring the broad impact of research. Whereas citation counts allow the measurement of the impact of research on research itself, an important role in the measurement of the impact of research on other parts of society is ascribed to altmetrics. The present study investigates the […]


Editors’ Choice: Helping Us Fly? Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing

By Mia Ridge | September 11, 2014

Over the past few years we’ve seen an increasing number of projects that take the phrase ‘human-computer interaction’ literally (or perhaps turning HCI into human-computer integration), organising tasks done by people and by computers into a unified system. One of the most obvious benefits of crowdsourcing on digital platforms has been the ability to coordinate […]


Editors’ Choice: Preserving History in Gran Turismo

By Corey Milne | September 11, 2014

There is only one car on the track at Silverstone, the prestigious home of British motor racing. The yellow Ford Focus begins its third lap around the circuit. The engine’s constant drone is the only thing breaking the silence surrounding the place. This may be a video game simulation, but there are no win or […]


Editor’s Choice: Respect, Niceness, and Generosity

By Liz Losh | September 9, 2014

According to these reviews from a popular apartment-sharing site, I am someone who is “nice” and “respectful” in person.  Perhaps a more substantive question — for my future as an academic and scholar — might be what kind of a person I appear to be online.  “Respectful” and “nice” can actually be contentious terms, I […]